Koh Man Wichai  

  • Koh Man wichai
  • Koh Man Wichai has two excellent dive sites. the first is 'The Wall' is a high wall coral 7 meters which descends down 9 meters and is a facinante diving, you can start your dive bay and go out along the reef line soft 8 meters and back to the boat along the line 2 meters hard coral, two environments in one dive! Because each environment is different with the largest fish in the soft coral that is for me the best diving around Pattaya.
  • * The other dive site Koh Wichai is called Fingers, fingers are a set of rocks out of the sea of ​​a depth of 12 meters, the hard coral and fish is very abundant and like the five fingers (but no thumb!) as a dive through a big hand. Koh Hu Chang is a very small island that although everything is shallow around 10 meters has very good corals and abundant fish. Koh Hu Chang over a year? Nes sea and Koh Rin or Koh Man Wichai and as is well protected from the wind is a good relaxing dive. Koh Klung Bedan is another small dive site is shallow with lots of coral, and a maximum depth of 12 meters. This dive site has a lot of Staghorn corals and table corals as well as the roller and much to the Tree